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Divorce Advice for Individuals, Couples and their Advisors

Individuals and Couples

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Ute serves as a neutral advisor in guiding individuals and couples in decision-making and problem-solving on the financial issues related to divorce, separation or dissolution of a domestic partnership. The insights you gain from Ute's divorce advice can save time, money and stress, particularly if the process is conducted early in the divorce settlement negotiations.

Ute can serve as your unbiased financial expert no matter if you are working with or without an attorney, as well as in divorce mediation or collaborative divorce. Ute has the special training and expertise to work effectively with you, your attorneys, and other professionals to accomplish your goals in divorce mediation or in a collaborative divorce environment

Who needs a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst - CDFA?

If you have concerns about your present or future financial needs, about your children’s financial well- being and education, about the most equitable ways to divide up your assets, about taxes, health insurance or the value of your personal residence, you will benefit from working with  a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

Services for Attorneys

As an attorney, your goal is to help your clients secure financial fairness in divorce. You need resources to provide you with accurate financial information and reliable research so that you can reach an equitable settlement.  Your ability to provide short- and long-term results of divorce settlement options gives your clients the peace of mind they need to make that decision.

Ute knows what it takes to provide the analysis and reports needed by a client’s legal team. Our full array of services for divorce attorneys allows you to focus your time on meeting the legal and other specialized needs of your clients. As part of your team, we will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve a fair and financially equitable divorce settlement for your clients.

We offer comprehensive services at a cost that is surprisingly affordable.  We offer various options of ways to work together for the best outcome for each individual circumstance, whether as a silent partner or directly with your clients.

Ute Scott-Smith - Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Ute Scott-Smith

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