Divorce Advice - Our Process

  1. Meet. During our initial meeting, we discuss your immediate and long-term financial needs, concerns, and objectives.

  2. Discover. We provide an efficient process to gather and record your financial information. We identify your assets, debts, income, and expenses along with potential tax, insurance, retirement, and other financial issues.

  3. Analyze. We provide personalized schedules of all relevant information; prepare long-term cash flow, net worth, and alternative property division outlooks; and examine the after-tax effect and long-term consequences of all proposed divorce settlements.

  4. Review. We meet with you to evaluate reports and answer questions in language you can understand.

  5. Recommend. We provide information and divorce advice to help you make prudent, workable decisions.

  6. Report. We consult with you, your attorneys, and other advisors, as needed, and prepare reports that document your divorce settlement agreement.

  7. Follow-up. We monitor the transfer of assets to insure that your property division is consistent with your divorce settlement agreement.

  8. Education and Support. We provide education and support in developing personal financial skills and systems.

  9. Empowerment. We empower you to take control of your new life.

  10. Questions. We are always available to answer your questions.

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Ute Scott-Smith - Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Ute Scott-Smith

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After the Divorce: Your Financial Checklist

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