Common Costly Divorce Settlement Mistakes

Divorce is an emotional crisis, but it need not be a financial disaster. The key is to get financial divorce advice so you will understand what is best for you in the long run and not do what seems easiest in the short term. You are about to make financial decisions that will affect the rest of your life. Therefore, unforeseen consequences of a mistake in your divorce settlement can take several years to become evident. But when it does, it is real.

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Divorce Advice - Our Process

How the Divorce Financial Planning Process Works.

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Financial Issues in Divorce

Everyone’s financial needs and goals are different. Every divorce is unique. I offer the services of an  experienced divorce financial analyst to consult with one party or serve as a “neutral” advisor to work with both parties to guide decision-making and problem-solving on one or more of the financial issues related to your divorce.

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Collaborative Divorce

Can you really have a civilized divorce? Ending a marriage is always difficult, but you don’t have to be overwhelmed by financial or emotional conflict. By adopting a collaborative approach, you can avoid the huge legal bills of jockeying lawyers while protecting your kids from debilitating conflict.

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Divorce Advice For Women

Why is smart financial planning especially important for women?
When you look at the fundamentals, planning for women is not much different than planning for men. After all we share common goals. Yet, unlike men, women face many unique issues that most men don’t.

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What Is A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst - CDFA

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst works with individuals or couples, helping them to understand the financial realities of their unique divorce situation. A CDFA analyzes the financial effects of a divorce settlement with short- and long-term projections displayed in easy-to-understand visual presentations. These insights can save time, money and stress, particularly when the process is conducted early in the divorce settlement negotiations. The CDFA™ designation is available only to individuals with a minimum of two years of professional experience and who hold a professional designation such as Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®). To earn the designation, the candidate must complete four self-study course modules (Financial and Legal Issues, Advanced Financial Issues, Tax Issues, Case Studies) and pass a proctored exam for each module and successfully complete a case study.

How do I get Divorced?

10 Tips to prepare your finances when you are contemplating Separation or Divorce
A divorce or separation can cause an emotional and financial toll on both spouses. If you are considering divorce and are seeking advice on how to divorce or have been served with divorce papers recently, you need to know which steps to take in order to reduce much of the stress and conflict that many people face when they rush the divorce process. After all, when confronted with a divorce, people are at a vulnerable point in their lives, both emotionally and financially. It is critical that you have the right information so you can make sound financial decisions for yourself and your family and save time and money in the process.

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Financial Checklist

After the Divorce: Your Financial Checklist

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Can't sell your Home? If you are divorcing, sluggish home sales can be a hugh obstacle in dividing up your assets. Consider these options and their impact on capital gains taxes...

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