After the Divorce: Your Financial Checklist

Guidng You Through Divorce to Financial Security

by Ute Scott Smith, CHFC, CDFA

A comprehensive list of the steps you need to take after divorce to:

  • Implement the provisions of the divorce settlement
  • Make sure your newly single status is reflected in your financial and legal dealings
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Clearly laid out steps you should follow to manage your financial transition, take care of your children, balance your income and expenses, evaluate your investments, plan for taxes, and turn your dreams into goals with a finacial road map.

Inside this FREE guide you will find over 20 Checklists of post-divorce tasks to help you:

  • Clean up Your Financial Information
  • Organize Your Real Estate, Vehicle, and Investment Accounts
  • Manage Insurance Policies and Debt
  • Balance Your Income and Expenses
  • Take Care of Your Children
  • Evaluate Your Investments
  • Save for Retirement
  • Review Your Estate Plan
  • Plan for Taxes
  • Create a Financial Road Map
  • And More!
After the Divorce Checklist Preview
Checklist Preview


Keep your financial checklist with you as a reference and resource as you become more financially independent after your divorce.